Who Am I? A 40 Year Old

Welcome to my ongoing section about who I am. Each post will contain just one segment of my life. This is a way for you, my reader, to get to know me for more than the blogger on the internet that complains about Trump. Why name the series "Who Am I?" Simple. I love Les Miserables. "Who Am I?" is my favorite song from my favorite musical. So, who am I? I am...

An MCU Retrospective

If you have not yet read my MCU Prediction post, go do that now.  I will wait.  After the death of my grandmother, I decided to take a "me" day and watch a few Marvel movies again in order to gain new perspective.  This post is updated each time a new MCU movie comes out.

A Eulogy for Grandma

Well, today's post is not about a joyful topic. It's not the kind of post I enjoy writing. It's not even a post I think I should write.  We lost grandma today, just shy of her 97th birthday.  My last living grandparent. She hadn't been grandma for some time given the memory loss so I don't want to talk about how she died.  Instead, let me tell you how she lived...
At 89
My grandmother was one of the most supportive people I knew.  From a young age to well into my adulthood, she never said no.

I remember teaching her to skip.

I remember living with her for a bit.

I remember eating out with her at least once a week growing up.

I remember holidays at her house.

I remember trips to Florida and Hawaii with her and uncountable trips to the Sahara in Vegas.

I remember taking my "Going to Grandmas" suitcase over to spend the night.

I remember her seeing my shows.

I remember the ludicrous amount of gifts under her tree.

I remember her Pink Mickey Mouse themed bathroom.

I remember trying to teach her how to use a computer.

I remember helping put up her Christmas lights.

I remember teaching her how to use the Diablo.

I remember hunting for Easter eggs in her backyard.

I remember her driving to pick me up.

I remember her taking my girlfriend home.

I remember every single time a siren would go past her house and she would call to make sure we were ok and that it wasn't for us.

I remember her stories.

I remember her waxed floor.

I remember the stockings that were 3 feet long.

I remember that crazy cupboard full of party supplies.

I remember visiting her at work at the Bullocks in Pasadena.

I remember every overbearing hug.

I remember how weird I thought her adding celery to salads was and I remember how I now don't like salads without celery.

I remember the chili sauce covered cream cheese log.

I remember her Wizard of Oz collection.

I remember her old and out of tune piano.

I remember every dollar she ever gave me.

I remember being bounced on her knee.

I remember that she always had gum.  Always.

In my grief, a few memories lapsed and my brother Matt reminded me of them...

I remember getting a buck a bag for raking up her yard (we scored like $20 every time).

I remember watching her care for her rose bushes.

I remember her elephant collection.

I remember her coins in the bottom of the trash can.

I remember warmed up Grape Nuts.

I remember strong coffee that you could "pave the driveway with".

I remember her specifically chosen outfits and colors depending on when and where she was going.

I remember the first time she let me drive HER in HER car!

I remember her giving me her car provided I was her chauffeur when she could no longer drive.

I remember the hugs, kisses, smiles, and genuine conversations.

I remember her caring for and feeding "her" cats.

I remember her "allergy" to rubber and the large collection of rubber bands outside her front door.

I remember the time we came home prematurely from a vacation and she caught Cousin Troy throwing a party.

My grandma, who always jokingly called me her favorite, was an amazing woman and because of her, I have had a pretty amazing life.

I remember never not feeling like the most important person in her life.

I like to imagine that in her youth she was Lucille Ball and that's the real reason I enjoy "I Love Lucy" so much.

I know that in the last few years she couldn't remember me but Grandma, I will ALWAYS remember you.

All my love.

We love you.

I remember this smile.

A Eulogy for Petty

2006 seems like forever ago.  In the words of Michael Scott, "Yeah, okay.  Well this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker."

Dries My Sack: Misusing a Cause

Welcome to the next entry in my, ongoing, op-ed. This series is titled "Dries My Sack" and can be compared to the Grinds My Gears segment in Family Guy Presents - Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. As I find things in life that piss me off, they'll become part of this series. The title for the series comes from a joke my father made while kayaking. I have a "Dry Sack" for keeping things dry during water sports and he made the joke that I should see a doctor. There you go...

Helpful Hobbit: Weight Loss

Welcome to the new series here at Bilbo's Hobbit Hole called "HELPFUL HOBBIT".  This series may or may not be helpful.  Some may be very sarcastic.  If you want to sound like a moron, call this series, "LIFE HACKS".  Either way, enjoy...